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In this study, I reflect on two similar experiences I had during the nguillatum, the Mapuche rogativa. At the beginning and the end of my fieldwork in a rural Mapuche community in the Argentine Patagonia, I was held to be responsible for having "raised wind" in the ceremony and then expelled from the ceremonial site. To reflect on these experiences, I link two analytical axes.


The first has to do with the category of signs which permanently circulate during the rogativa and how the communication between all of the participants humans, forces of Nature and deities takes place. This communication sometimes emerges in an opaque way and, at other times, in a transparent one. The second axis consists of reversing the first statement: I also try to connect the wind agency to the reproduction of similarities and alterities in the ceremony.

My ultimate aim is to contribute to the analysis of and debates about ethnography when our own experiences intervene in our field work and trap us in unexpected situations which become 'ontological disorders' which are worth reflecting on. Ethnography, sign, ontology, mapuche rogativa, Forces of Nature, Ontological disorders, Patagonia.

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Neste trabalho, interessa-me refletir sobre duas experiências semelhantes vividas no nguillatum ou prece mapuche. Dedico-me a refletir sobre essas experiências vinculando dois eixos.

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O segundo eixo vem de abalar o primeiro enunciado e perguntar-me: